CREATE: art thou nasty?

OKAY OKAY OKAY OKAY guess who has had a surreal fucking weekend?

Yep, I'm writing a blog post for the first time in ninety years, on account of how, um... well, I made these ridiculous 16th century breeches back in June, as a joke (everyone puts like 30 hours of work into their jokes, right? Cool). Ohoho, thought I, and the three other people who saw them when I posted them to my tiny, malnourished art tumblr; nice.

And then on Friday something sort of happened and these bitches went viral.

LISTEN, I have been so excited and joyful and overwhelmed by the last few days!!! So first of all thank you to all the people who have liked these and messaged me and requested commissions. I am totally swamped and trying to get back to everyone but I am but one little dumbass. I thought a few people would laugh at these but the scale of what's happened is nuts to me, and now I'm really wishing I'd put more effort into hiding the indentations of the embroidery hoop and also maybe airbrushed out my thigh dimples in some of them (THANK YOU to That One Guy on Reddit for pointing those out. Why did I read the Reddit comments, is this my first time on the internet, am I an idiot, etc).

So! A couple of FAQs:

1. Can I commission a pair of these?

YES, ABSOLUTELY. As mentioned I am trying desperately to get through all my emails and messages atm so it may take me a while to get back to you, but you can email me at annabroster@hotmail.co.uk. Please bear in mind I'm getting a ton of requests and I'm super new to this, so I think I'm likely to be booked up for the next few months pretty quickly (I also work full time, so). But I would be so happy to discuss. My rate at the moment is around £90 as a starting point for a pair (GBP), and then if you wanted particular fabrics/colours/embroidery that would affect the price. I’d generally ask for half of that to be paid upfront and half on completion, if possible, just so I don’t end up wallowing in masses of blue velvet with nowhere to put it. Just let me know if you’re interested!

2. Where did you get the pattern? Are you selling it?

The base shape for these is adapted from ‘The Tudor Tailor’ by Ninya Mikhaila & Jane Malcom-Davies (which I really recommend!), but I made some pretty major changes to make them suit my needs, so I can't point you to a real existing pattern for these. However I've had a bunch of requests for one, so I'm definitely considering trying to put something together! This may take me a while though as I've never made a pattern for resale before (I draft most of my costumes myself so it's all nonsense that makes sense to nobody but me). If you do have experience in making professional patterns, hit me up!

3. Do you have a shop?

Not yet. However I've been trying to build up a little backlog of stuff for a while with the goal of making an Etsy shop (if you follow me on Instagram you may remember me mentioning this), and I'm now kicking myself for not moving faster and having stuff up already. I DIDN'T KNOW THIS WAS GOING TO HAPPEN!!! When I do get the shop up, I will definitely post about it here and on insta/tumblr.

4. Where is the shirt from? Did you make that too?

As I wrote in my tumblr post, the shirt is actually an 18th century design that I wore with these because it was all I had to hand, hahaha. Yes, I did make it, however I do have a pattern for this! It's a super easy historical pattern based on rectangles; I used 'Costume Close-up' by Linda Baumgarten & John Watson (not that John Watson, presumably) for this - one of my absolute fave resources for 18th century pieces (my favourite costuming era). I made changes to the collar and the closures, but otherwise it's not super different.

5. Do you have any pictures of your process/a walkthrough?

YES! I'm super excited to be asked this because I actually wrote an entire 'blog post' style walkthrough of my process in my ipad notes while I was making them - I do this for some projects so I have the notes to refer back to, and my brain works in blog post format (why do you never blog then, Anna?). So, if people are interested, I'll edit that and put it up in the next couple of days :D

6. Are your legs seriously that colour? Have u ever been outside in your life.



If you have any other questions drop me a comment or an email and I'll do my best to help out, but basically the point of this post is: THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the love. I'd had a fuckin' horrible week and then I got this absolute tsunami of appreciation and joy on Friday and it turned everything around for me. So I really want to thank you all for that, and everyone who laughed and drew art and sent me messages. I'll also try to have the walkthrough up ASAP for anyone who's interested in that!

In the meantime you can follow me on Instagram at @oh.papillon, where I'm much more active, and I also have a ko-fi if you'd like to buy me a coffee (I got my first ever ko-fi tip on Friday and I literally cried, to give you an overview of my last few days)! That's at www.ko-fi.com/ohpapillon

Thank you so much!!!



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