CREATE: Vlog intro + an update

So, if you follow me on Instagram, which hopefully by now you do, you may have noticed I tried something new this week - having fallen off the radar for a bazillion years, I made a quick video to say hi and prove that I'm a real person. Video production is like... a thing... that I do in my real life job... so I'm not sure why it took me so long to try on social media. What's going on there, Anna.

A few other thoughts happening lately:

  • Listen, I'd really like to make my blog and Instagram a Thing again. This stuff keeps falling by the wayside, because I work full time for not enough money, and, as some of you know, periodically my brain tries to kill me. But photography and videography is something I really care about, and the more food and lifestyle and travel stuff I get to put out there, the better for me.
  • I've also recommitted to veganism recently (yeah, we're going steady) having watched Simon Amstell's 'Canarge' mockumentary recently. I'd been letting that slide, not out of ignorance of the meat and dairy industry... just letting myself forget. I don't like that, and I don't want to go along with it.
  • This means there'll likely be a fresh outburst of vegan food on my IG, and by extension hopefully some new recipes on this neglected corner of the internet. I've also got a MASSIVE post for newbie vegans looking to change their diet in the works, so if you're curious but want a whole novel worth of sarcastically phrased tips and information, that's coming up.
  • What I'm saying is, check out my little email subscription box on this page and I will be delighted and encouraged... which is the only motivation I need to actually get off my ass and make things.


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  10. You having fallen off the radar for a bazillion years, I made a quick video to say hi and prove that I'm a real person.

  11. something I really care about, and the more food and lifestyle and travel stuff I get to put out there, the better for me.

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