EAT: Vegan Meringues (& a blog revamp!)

Okay, so. Elephant in the room. Look how pretty my blog is!

Story time: Three thousand years ago I moved back to England and gave papillon a kick up the butt. I transferred the hosting to Tumblr and shifted my style from traditional blog posts to micro-blogging - mostly because, with my Brain Problems (TM), long blog posts had become super intimidating and inaccessible for me at that point, and I wanted to snap myself out of that headspace by instead posting super short food or photography posts every day (or near enough to every day). While I was unemployed and my depression was very bad, this was a really good way of motivating myself to stay a) creative and b) creating. Nailed it.

...Except that, like. Once I stopped being unemployed (went to film school, freelanced here and there, started working full time for a media company), this stopped being an issue and became an unnecessary pressure. I couldn't have new content up every day anymore ('NEW CONTENT', LOOK AT ME, I'M SO OBNOXIOUS) but having set myself up as essentially a photography tumblr I didn't really have an audience for long posts.

TL;DR, lol, I moved back to Blogger. Whatevs. I figure that now Instagram is filling the role I needed papillon to play for a while. My URL stays the same so unless you followed me on tumblr you won't notice any difference. Sorry to the 1600+ people who followed me on tumblr, except, not really sorry. Was that an excuse to humblebrag about my tumblr follower count? Did I ruin it by calling myself out on it? Ugh, this is why I stopped giving myself a platform to speak in the first place.

...What you can do is subscribe to my blog posts by email, via the little box to the right hand side. Although honestly, after those few long-winded paragraphs, I'm not sure why you'd want to.


If none of the above made any sense to you, let me introduce you to something that makes even less sense.


[jazz hands]

'Aquafaba' then, if you're fancy. I'm not fancy, and that's why I spent my afternoon cackling and cooing 'BEANJUICE MERIIIIINGUES!!' into my stand mixer. 'Aquafaba' is literally the liquid out of a can of chickpea (garbanzo beans), the stuff that usually gets poured down the sink. Um, never again, friends, because when you think about it, this is essentially protein-infused water. You know what else is essentially protein-infused water? EGG WHITES.

I know this sounds insane. Listen, bruv, you can whip up bean juice in your mixer and it will turn thick and opaque and exactly like beaten egg whites, and I'm not shitting you, okay? This has become a Big Deal on the vegan internet (imagine the dark web, but smugger) within the last year, and I'm kicking myself for taking this long to try it, because VEGAN MERINGUES. THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING. I'm gonna make vegan lemon meringue tarts for literally everyone I know! (about three people. I don't get out much. I spend too much time on the vegan dark web).

I used this recipe for the meringues pictured above, served with whipped coconut cream (Sainsbury's sell this ready to go, but you can also chill a tin of coconut milk in your fridge overnight until the cream rises and sets at the top, separate from the liquid. Then just scoop it off and whip it up).

The. Easiest.

Have a good weekend, nerds. x

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