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Surprise blog post!
So, I worked at the Imaginarium motion capture studios quite a bit over the summer, and we’re finally reaching that point where I’m able to share some of the things I was involved in. This was one of them! My name is in the credits! (don’t worry, I’ll print-screen the precise moment it shows up and circle it in red and email it to everyone I’ve ever met. You can’t miss it). This was probably the most fun day I’ve ever spent at work, and I’m SO happy to finally see the video.
I haven’t been posting regularly to papillon during the last few months, since I’ve not had much time to work on big posts. BUT I am now posting mostly-daily to www.instagram.com/heypapillon - meaning that there should be a steady trickle of food and photography over there, and the blog itself will be larger photography posts, recipes, and writing. It’s just a lil’ tiny instababy at the moment, so please follow and make it a larger instababy!
Hashtag living the dream,
Anna x

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