EAT: Wagashi.

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Wagashi (和菓子、Japanese sweets) from Minamoto Kitchoan, London.
I got my camera back! It cost a horrifying amount of money to fix, but luckily I’ve been getting some decent work in the last couple of months. (I’m technically a freelancer since graduating film school, but recently I’ve been working in digital continuity on Really Cool Shit with A Major Production Company and a couple of Legendary Actors, and can you tell I’ve had to sign a bunch of non-disclosure agreements?). It’s nothing creative, but it’s very cool and pays the bills (in theory. In practice my family are very forgiving, and I am absolutely terrifyingly lucky to have family who will do anything they can to help me do the work I want to do. Without them I would have to quit and become a… well, I dunno, because I can’t think of any other fields that are actually hiring, either). 
I’m also ridiculously homesick for Japan at the moment (am I allowed to use the term ‘homesick’ if I’m not Japanese? I had a home there!), so: celebratory tea and beautiful wagashi it is. Featuring, from the top: Hanaouto (cherry jelly), cherry blossom Okashigure (sweet bean cake - my favourite), Benihanaringo(apple bean-jelly), and Hakutomochi (white peach rice cake). The artistry that goes into making and packaging these is something else.

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