CREATE: The Truth Hurts.

The Truth Hurts, dir. Anna Broster, 2015.
I can’t post the whole video online here as a) it technically belongs to my school and b) most film festivals won’t let you enter if your film has already been put online. But this was my final project before graduating this year! Basically, everyone wrote an eight-minute script, and we all pitched to the school heads/executive producers for the chance to make and develop a short film (of which three would be funded and made). Unfortunately you can’t pitch for your own script, which is to give you the experience of developing a piece alongside a writer, but sorta sucks if you don’t like any of their options. Luckily this one was super fun and I was lucky enough to get one of the directing gigs.
So! The Truth Hurts is a black comedy about a past-it conspiracy radio host, Lawrence Holloway, trying to give his listening figures a kick up the arse and win over his stepdaughter. One night, he invents the most ridiculous and shocking conspiracy he can think of… a conspiracy which turns out to be true. Hashtag, #ThatEscalatedQuickly.
This was fun to work on, and ridiculously stressful to edit, and part of me wants to force everyone to watch it on mute because we had so much trouble getting music for it; but I’m happy with how it looks now. Or at least, the pain has faded enough for me to be all, ‘I made a film! It’s rad! I’m rad!’ without my producer Amelia punching me in the face for all the grief I caused her. Hopefully later this year I’ll be able to shoot one of my own scripts and get a bit more of myself out there in the world.

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