LIVE: Natural History Museum.


More film from the Natural History Museum. That top one is the exterior of the building, obviously. The second one is a candid photograph of myself waiting to hear back from the ten thousand jobs I’ve applied for recently. 
I feel like I have a lot to say, but that might be because everyone I know has left the city for the summer, and I’m starting to climb the walls. (I even considered vlogging. I have never considered this before, mostly because I can’t pronounce the word ‘vlog’ out loud) (also partly because I can’t talk about any subject at all for more than a few minutes without getting distracted and instead telling people overwhelming amounts of dinosaur trivia) (hit me up if that’s the kind of content you want to see). I’m mad at myself for being lonely, and I’m mad at myself for only being able to last nine days since my last paid job before I start moping around and eating rolls of cookie dough. (Another potential vlog? I could time how long it took me. It’d be gross and you’d love it).
…I’ll keep working on it.

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