LIVE: Beaumaris, Wales.

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Beaumaris, Wales.
So… I’ve been hella quiet recently, huh? It’s not that nothing’s been happening; it’s sorta that loads of things have been happening, from pre-production, to three weeks of film shoots, to editing… with bonus dodgy wifi.
Anyway, so as a result I went to Wales with my mum for a little while recently and slept for like sixteen hours a day (I spent the other eight eating toffee waffles and researching serial killers for a script) (at one point I freaked myself out sufficiently that I had to fall asleep with the bedside light on in case Jack the Ripper came after me). It was quiet, and beautiful (apart from the sound of me reading facts about murderers out loud to my mother).
Point is, I have a load of stuff to share, and as soon as I get this internet thing sorted, I’d like to get some of that stuff up here.

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