CREATE: Hug Dealers.

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‘Hug Dealers’ - short film - written/directed by Anna Broster, 2014. 
Told you I’d been doing shit.
I’m not allowed to put the actual film online just yet until my school says so, but for the record - this was my recent Supershorts two minute film project. Basically our group shot twelve short films in the space of a week and a half. I’m gonna let you think about that. Hug Dealers was shot on 300ft of Super 16mm film (that’s a top limit of seven minutes of footage in all, so we had to get most shots in the first take), in the space of an eight hour work day, in one of the school’s studios. 
I’m pretty happy with how this came out! Cast and crew screening was last Thursday, and although the more I look at it the more things I wish I could have done differently, I’m still like, ’~*~Yeah, look at me! I did a thing!~*~’
Pretty cool, guys. Pretty cool.

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