EAT: Peanut Butter-filled Banana Bread.

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Recipe: Peanut Butter-filled Banana Bread
So hey, my darlings, how are you doing? Wearing plenty of layers? Eating a balanced breakfast? Making sensible life decisions? Yeah, me neither.
I can only really help you with the breakfast thing, and that’s only if you don’t look too closely at my motivations (my motivation was: ‘how much peanut butter can I acceptably eat in one go?’). These little loaves are from a recipe I’ve made before, but I got these super cute little silicone loaf moulds from Lakeland and got predictably over-excited at the prospect of making TINY CAKES. Tiny breakfast cakes! I’m clutching my face.
Let your bananas go all brown and freckled, and ignore the fact that your dad comes into the kitchen every day and goes, 'YOU HAVEN’T EATEN THESE BANANAS YET?!?! THEY ARE DECOMPOSING!!!’. Nah, bro, they are almost perfect. Make banana bread using this recipe - this time around I used wholemeal spelt flour, but you could use wheat flour or whatever. Spoon the mixture into little loaf moulds or muffin cases, filling them up just under halfway, then splotch a spoonful of peanut butter over each one and cover with more banana bread batter. Bake for like, 20-25 minutes; maybe pay a little more attention than I did. Your call. Eat them warm, with several gallons of tea. Don’t say I never do anything for you.

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