LIVE: Self-Introduction.

Well, I promised a self-introduction, so here: this is what I do.
  • My name is Anna.
  • eat, I live, I create. I avoid eye contact. I like sweaters with elbow patches. I carry my cat around like a toddler, 80% of the time.
  • For the last two years, I’ve lived in Japan; in my endless naivety, I gave up my job there a few months ago to come back to North-West England and look for work in film and media production. If you’re imagining that this is working out really well, you clearly are not familiar with the wasteland that is North-West England.
  • I am not a professional photographer. The camera just turned on by itself~
  • I want to study film-making in London in the next year or two! Help me, I’m poor.
  • I’ve been food-blogging since the heady days of 2006, and I would never have learned photography without it. While papillon has existed since 2011, until I moved back to the UK it was very much a half-arsed part-time thing. Now that I’m unemployed and restless, I get to expand that - plus, blogging little-and-often suits the way my mind works a little better. I need a project or my brain starts eating away at itself, like a snake chewing its own tail.
  • Advice for life: check the use-by dates when baking from your mum’s storage cupboard. Apparently these flaked almonds had been in there since before I went to Japan (two years ago). They tasted like plastic. It was pretty tragic.

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