LIVE: Bonfire Night.

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Bonfire Night, 5/11/13.
A couple more photos from Tuesday evening. This bonfire was a little smaller than the one we usually go to, so I played with settings a bit to make it look more dramatic. One reason I love carrying my fuck-off-massive camera around everywhere is that people tend to forget there’s someone on the other end; I think it’s a subconscious, ‘Oh, she’s staff’ reaction. I don’t have to engage people, cause they assume I’m busy. On the other hand, sometimes you get people acting like you can’t hear them, discussing my equipment like I’m not attached to it. I have found the best way to make my feelings known about this is to stare a lot, and mutter about 'fire, the cleanser of sin’ in a low voice.
Obviously, this works better if you’re actually in front of a bonfire at the time.

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