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  • Running off to Nagasaki Cocowalk ferris wheel, just before my leaving party.
  • Salt-baked sea bream (tai, 鯛), which symbolises good fortune because - if I understood this correctly - it is present in the word medetai, which means ‘auspicious’ or ‘joyous’. The salt crust dates back from when that much salt would have been ridiculously expensive, and is also used as a preservative - so it’s common at New Year, when Japanese people celebrate over three days and therefore want special-occasion food that will stay fresh.
  • Guest of honour gets the hammer, yeaaah fight me.
  • A bouquet given me at my leaving assembly, after I made my speech.
  • Sashimi bowl and chilled udon noodles, at Narita.
  • Narita Airport,Terminal 2.
  • The other side of the sky.

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