peyton & byrne. cream scone at peyton & byrne. peyton & byrne. i don't even know what this was. sugarsin. sugarsin, covent garden. knife + fork machivelli. gnocchi at machivelli's.

Other places we ate in London:
Peyton &  ByrneCentral St Giles, London (pictures 1-3)
I’ve bought Peyton & Byrne products before and loved them, and this was absolutely gorgeous from the outside (we stared through a lot of windows), but both G and I were a bit disappointed with our experience here. For G, it was a very attractive-looking but mediocre-tasting coffee cupcake, whereas I ordered a cream tea and was given a scone with (rock-hard from the fridge) cream and jam. Which; fine - but no tea. I’m like, um, this shows a fundamental lack of understanding of what a cream tea is? Like, it has tea in the name? I used to go to Cornwall with my family on holiday every year as a kid, if someone tries to tell me I don’t know the definition of a cream tea, I’ll fight them. Wow, it’s stressful to be me.
SugarSin70 Long Acre, London (pictures 5-6)
THIS WAS SO DELIGHTFUL, I WAS SO DELIGHTED. There was a giraffe in the window! And the whole thing looked like a set from Pushing Daisies! Ohhhhh.
Machiavelli69 Long Acre, London (pictures 7-9)
A very charming Italian restaurant we nipped into for dinner, where I ate to-die-for gnocchi and G got this lasagnette thing - I don’t pretend to understand what it was, but it was comprised of crispbreads and fresh figs and honey. Apparently it was a little too sweet, but it looked darling. Service was excellent, although the service charge was included on the bill and I’m always suspicious of that, as it means your waiter doesn’t receive a tip directly - it’s often shared between kitchen staff and managers as well, but in some less moral places the waitstaff will just never see the money. Be aware of this, guys: if in doubt, ask your waiter (I did, and he said he would receive a share. I’m still bummed about that, though, as he was great and I would prefer to actually tip for the service I got, you know?). Nonetheless, lovely.

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