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Summer means not switching on your oven. You've been sitting here, refreshing my page, waiting for me? Well firstly, that's implausible and I'm not sure I'm buying it. Secondly, I eat cereal and fruit for dinner every day when the temperature is over 37C (that's 100F+, Americans), and like... half a jar of peanut butter as a snack. If you want to see that, then... 

Actually, I wish people did want to see that. My whole life would be so much more socially acceptable.

I started this blog in the full knowledge that it might devolve into toasties, and I have lived down to my expectations. Hooray!

Summer means not wearing trousers, and if you think I'm not lying on the sofa in my underwear in front of a standing fan right now, then... you must be new.

Summer means superheroes. I'm Batman now. No biggie. If you see Spiderman, like, I recognise he's not part of my franchise, but he has a really spectacular arse and I kind of want him to teach me how to make my hair look like that, so, you know. Send him my way.

Summer means reunions. One of my favourite girls is coming over to Japan next week. If I had to describe my flat in one word, the word would look like this: \dsgufhqw9]e\ewfhaud. I should probably clean.

Friendship means never having to vacuum.

Summer means laziness. 140 characters or less, and we cool. My twitter is primarily dedicated to a running commentary of the various types of insects I find in my apartment building, but at least I can keep that up on a regular basis. If you're interested, I met this devil spawn the other day. (According to the internet, they bite. Luckily the one I met was very well-behaved, and when I opened my front door it just let itself out. Even the bugs are polite in this country).

Summer means cycling, and beaches, and eating chocolate cake outdoors, and sunburn. I'll catch you up later, cutie.


  1. Wasn't Batman amazing?!

    Hope you're having a fab time sweetie! I do still have your 21st present...hmmmm!

    Love Debs

  2. Love your new hair! Realise it might actually now be quite old hair and I have just been mega unobservant but nonetheless, I love it x


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