kitchen scales.
it's red and gold in real life.
an assortment of my tiny bowls.
god save the queen.

I’ve taken a bit of a break from regular blogging this past month or so, and the longer I leave it the harder it is to jump back in. Yeah, I could recap Christmas and New Year, but while it was fun for me I doubt there’s much to interest anyone else; or I could be predictable and do a ‘Recap of 2011!’ or a ‘Resolutions for 2012!’ post, but do you really care about my resolutions for 2012? I’m going to tell you right now: none of my resolutions involve space travel or dinosaur-training, and so I doubt I have anything new to bring to the table. The more I think about it, you have to have some pretty fierce self-esteem to be a blogger.

So, whatever. Here are some nice things.
  • [1] I don’t have a great deal of space in my kitchen, so when I bought my oven a few months ago the only place to put it was in my living room, in the spot where a TV would traditionally sit (when I have company, I like to turn the oven on and sit in front of it with a confused expression, as if waiting to be entertained). Following in this grand tradition come my new kitchen scales, now replacing the little Christmas tree that has been perched on my table all December. This approach to home decorating might not make it to Pinterest, but nothing gives me more joy than staring at my scales over breakfast.
  • [2] I love this jumper (which looks rather brown on film, but is a nice dark red-and-gold in real life); partially because it’s warm and comfy and whatever, but mostly because when I wear it I get to pretend that I’m chillin’ in the Gryffindor Common Room, doin’ my Charms homework and drinking pumpkin juice.
  • [4] There are two reasons I love tiny bowls so much, too. One is that it makes it look like I have more food. Two is that it lets me pretend I’m a GIANT. If I were also wearing my Gryffindor jumper at the time I could get all specific and pretend to be Hagrid, but that is swiftly becoming geekier than I am willing to admit to.
  • [5] See? I can decorate. I can totally decorate the shit out of things.
I plan to be around more from hereon, and as I've got excessively lazy with food recently (my go-to dinner after work is 'let's chop up six varieties of vegetables and roast it and smother it with ketchup and houmous and call it a salad! AND THEN COOKIES.' Which at least is better than 'LET'S EAT CEREAL, AND THEN MORE CEREAL, AND THEN A SPOONFUL OF PEANUT BUTTER!') I'm going to try and push myself to take better care of myself this month. 

...Oh damn, I snuck a resolution in after all! That wasn't a resolution, okay. That was, um, an executive decision. Totally different thing. But any ideas, requests, and executive decisions of your own? I want to hear them.


  1. I have missed you. And to mark the occasion of your return, I have moved a kitchen scale into our living room. It compliments the Christmas tree that I have no plans to take down until February.

  2. Movita, my dearest, that is all I needed to hear...

  3. LOL at your reasons for liking tiny bowls. :)

    don't worry... i am excessively lazy with all meals. peanut butter & cereal are my staples.

    i completely adore the series of photos in this post. man.

  4. We have nowhere to store our Christmas tree, so it has been renamed a festival tree, and personally I can't think of a single celebration even that wouldn't be better if it had a tree in it (a VALENTINE's TREE FOR GOODNESS SAKE! Or what could be more Eastery than an EASTER TREE?!)
    My friend here has one of those miniature bike things that fold up cos it makes him feel more manly and huge... He also feeds the squirrels which doesn't really add much to the manliness but is still pretty magical.
    All love babe, hope 2012 treats you like a godess xx

  5. I love that you can't count and there is no number 3.


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