tea ceremony.
i lol'd.

Important and Entirely Relevant Things I Have Been Thinking About Lately:

  1. Zombies. Okay, don't tell me this isn't important or relevant, because when the zombie apocalypse comes (as it inevitably will) your logical, well-reasoned arguments aren't gonna be anywhere near as useful as my backpack of medical supplies, non-perishable food, torch, batteries, and warm layers. I HAD A REALLY SCARY DREAM, OKAY. Sure, I could sit and rationalise, or I could plan a goddamn emergency procedure. Which one is gonna put my mind more at rest? ...Also, um, this country is earthquake prone, and technically I was supposed to have an emergency backpack of medical supplies and non-perishable food and whatnot anyway. Seven months in I hadn't shown the slightest bit of concern towards earthquakes, but damned if I can't move fast when someone says zombies. 
  2. No one has actually said zombies yet. Apart from me. I mean, like, don't freak out; I don't have some insider information here. You should totally all plan your contingency plans, because you should really have done that anyway, but I'm not dropping hints because I'm about to unleash some zombie plague on the world.
  3. Or am I?
  4.  As you will no doubt be aware, when the zombie apocalypse comes, any man who falls behind will get left behind; and this leads me to my next point: myself. No, I mean... in a good way (?). I'm as bad as the next girl (and worse than many) when it comes to negative self-talk and thinking, but this week - when I was dancing to Lady Gaga with a man named Lola in a club at the very top of an otherwise empty skyscraper in Nagasaki City - it struck me that I am a) pretty awesome and b) very awesome.
  5. Isn't it funny how we hate it when people say stuff like this? I'm the same. Someone walks around going, 'look how awesome I am!', and I'm all, 'whatever, you're not that good'. Maybe it's because we have a hard time believing it of ourselves. Sometimes I have a hard time seeing it in the mirror, for example, as if a mirror is any kind of suitable tool for detecting awesomeness. That's like using a frying pan for fighting a zombie; yeah, you get a general idea, but you're gonna need some heavy artillery and a vegan leather jacket to get the hell out of there unscathed.
  6. Sometimes I forget what my analogies are before I've finished them.
  7. Here is today's homework: recognise your own awesomeness. Just one little thing that you've done in the past week or so, that hold on a minute rocked. Cause there's something.
  8. Also: plan your freaking zombie procedure. I don't want my blog readers falling at the first hurdle, guys. That would be embarassing.


    1. "Someone walks around going, 'look how awesome I am!', and I'm all, 'whatever, you're not that good'."

      God, you must hate Georgie!

      Also we've already made contingency zombie plans because when all the riots were happening in Bristol we came up with a riot-proof plan, and rioters are in fact very similar to zombies it turns out.

      JET interview tomorrow! X_X

    2. Planning my freaking zombie procedure right now...

    3. You're the BEST. Bestbestbestbestbest. A mirror as a gauge of awesomeness?!? That never struck me as absurd until you said it out loud. Thank you. It makes me so happy that you understand how sexy awesome you are, and that you're challenging others to understand that bit about their beings as well. Kudos, you elegant lady.

      Only the best~

    4. Oh, I have many zombie apocalypse contingency plans. I have thought this through fully. Mostly because I am massively paranoid and don't think I would actually survive very well with the whole having to run away from things that want to eat you and/or delivering the appropriate head-shot when necessary.

    5. you're amazing! and this blog is so beautiful

    6. it's been too long, come back!
      is everything ok?
      I've never even met you but this blog brightens my day so much that I think I've read every post. Hence feeling a little like I know you anyway!

    7. Thank you, sweetest of anons! I'm okay; laptop is currently in a comatose state so I have no way of blogging until it's fixed/replaced, and all my information has been lost! Can respond to comments from work, but that's the limit at the mo, ugh. Will be back around soon, promise! x


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