english-style cafe.
handy guide to scone consumption.
it's always tea-time.

  • Oh man. Have I been quiet this month. I don't have much in the way of excuses beyond December, ugh, but I'm now officially pulling myself together and decking the halls and so on (technically, I decked the halls on the first day of the month. My first Christmas tree of my own! I can deck it any time I like) (I'm going to stop using the word 'deck' now).
  • The photos above are of Sissinghurst, an English-style Cafe & Antiques shop near where I live; my eikaiwa ladies took me out for lunch a while ago. I got emotional over a glass milk bottle from a dairy near my home in England (but seriously, what are the chances? I know that dairy, okay. I know the phone area code). And then I ate scones.
  • Actually, there have been a lot of those, recently. One recipe is coming up on One Green Planet in the next week; I also made pumpkin and maple ones by subbing canned pumpkin puree for the soy yoghurt in this recipe, leaving out the citrus and adding in a bit of cinnamon and allspice, replacing some of the sugar with maple syrup, and sprinkling maple sugar over the top. And then I ate scones.
  • Okay, so on a more serious note, I've had a pretty rough week or two and really am just trying to shake it off. Normal service will be resumed shortly. Normal being a term used extremely relatively.
  • And then I comfort-ate scones.


  1. Lovely lady. December. UGH. Remember when you were still in school and you had to deal with finals and all of that and it was the most terrible, horrible, no good, very bad thing in the world?! I feel like that doesn't change. That December is just shitty until it's almost over, and then it's January and it's STILL cold. Moving to Hawai'i is an option to avoid that... but that's not the point!
    Point is, this video might brighten your day just a little bit: http://tedxtalks.ted.com/video/TEDxSF-Louie-Schwartzberg-Grati
    Beauty surrounds us everywhere we turn- your blog, and the beautiful photos and recipes you share are a testament to that. I suggest rolling out your yoga mat, spending twenty minutes listening and moving your body where it needs to (I suggest a couple sun salutations, Warrior II, bridge or locust, and a nice, tall, possibly wobbly tree to finish it off), and then watching this video. Breathe deep the entire time. Pretend that your breath is a novel experience, that you want to see how much attention and love you can give it. Florence the Machine's "Shake It Out" is a good song to cry it all out to. Rough weeks are worse than a bout of the runs. Especially two in a row. Good news is, you're not alone and you have tiny pockets of love and support from all over our little blue marble of a planet.


  2. Oh man, that is so ridiculously quaint. It's over-quaint, i don't think you'd find a place like that in England even. But i love it, if it were in England it'd be my fave. I also love how they have scone assembly directions, and they have the cream and jam the right way round! Yes!
    I saw your blog a while ago, saw some delicious vegan recipe but then forgot what your blog was called, and recently found it again and now i'm happy!
    Hope the next two weeks are significantly less rough than the past two, and you should embrace that December by snuggling up inside and drinking tea. Tea=the English remedy to everything. Should work abroad too?
    Anna x

  3. I obviously need to eat some Vegan Scones for the first time.

  4. I have no local connections to that dairy whatsoever and even I got super excited seeing those photos of that cafe. It looks so cute!! Sorry that you've been having a tough couple of weeks! Scones sound like an excellent remedy, though. Or maybe you should buy one of those hoodies with animal ears on them? I think it's impossible to feel any sort of glum when you look like a fuzzy panda. :D

  5. Anna Banana!

    If you need to shake off a week, hot drink in the morning with a splash of rum, music blasting out and a good dance usually does the trick, the music has to be poppy and cheesy!

    Misses you loads,

    Ed. or you could try my other method and make eggs benedict!

  6. Just so you know...when I read your blog I had an overwhelming desire to eat scones...luckily I was prepared for such an occasion and managed to dig out some scones from the freezer...

    In other news...I love your face and send many hugs your way!!

    Also...boy, what day is this?!



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