homemade soy 'yoghurt' w. blueberries & almonds.
pumpkin caramel bagel with biscoff spread omg.
green monster.
halloween red velvet.
halloween 2011.

  • Homemade soy 'yoghurt' with blueberries & almonds. I can't begin to explain how happy it makes me to have a soy yoghurt substitute here at last.
  • Pumpkin caramel bagel with Biscoff spread, for which I totally and utterly blame Heather.
  • The green monster I very, very, very much needed after a Halloween party on Wednesday night that saw us run out of mixers for vodka and decide to use umeshu (Japanese plum wine). FYI: using wine as a mixer for vodka is a terrible, terrible idea.
  • One vegan Halloween red velvet cupcake (with vampire bite marks!) leftover from the aforementioned party. Recipe will have to wait until I get new kitchen scales and can convert to metric, alas!
  • And finally, my costume: Lady Gaga, ala Telephone. Webcam photo included because a) it's awesome, b) I have no sense of photo quality control, c) and I spent a really long time gluing those cigarettes to my glasses. Yes, those are coke cans in my hair; no, it was not easy. Yes, I walked into a hardware store and bought 3 metres of stainless steel chains; no, nobody asked any questions.
  • Lest you think now that my life is all cupcakes and umeshu and dressing like Lady Gaga (and I'm not gonna lie, that's a big part of it), I feel I should disclaim right now that I'm currently wearing Mickey Mouse sweatpants, drinking tea, and writing my NaNoWriMo (which is rapidly spiraling into the realms of 'totally surreal').  
  • But the awesome news is, my vegan brownie recipe has been featured in the Huffington Post! Very, very proud and happy.
  • That's where we at. x


  1. I want to know what Biscoff is and where on this planet can I possibly get it?

  2. Iz - THIS, MAN, THIS: http://twitpic.com/6xk4zm - it's LITERALLY BISCUITS MADE INTO A SPREAD. LIKE, IT'S LITERALLY A SPREAD MADE OUT OF CARAMEL BISCUITS. HOLY SHIT. I got it in an International Foods shop, but if you can't get your hands on any I will totally post you some if I can get one of the teachers to show me how to use the post office here...

  3. Very impressed by the Gaga outfit =D. I was very unimaginative and went to the pub wearing a tiger onesie and tiger ears...try and guess what I was trying to be...!

    Also so cool that your Brownie recipe made it to Huffington..I may attempt the recipe...in my tiny kitchen..where we attempted (and succeeded) to make Mulled Wine!

    I'm procrastinating writing about the weather on Titan...yes I am that cool.

    Miss your face

  4. Your Halloween adventures sound mucho awesome. :D How did you manage to keep the coke cans attached to your hair??

  5. Koci - the trick is starting from the bottom, roll upwards around the can, then wrap a bobble around the whole thing, THEN pin the hair with a billion hair pins, then hairspray. I kind of want to make this my regular hairstyle :D.


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