cemetery sky
owl cupcake.

This week I have: barbecued while drinking vodka and wearing the floppy burgundy hat I bought the other week; celebrated Halloween with my English Club (no recipe, as I only have the one photo - above - that I snatched at 7.20am before I went to work. No lighting, no set-up, no judgement please. Also they were pumpkin spice cupcakes, and they were pretty mediocre, and I don't blog mediocre recipes, my friends); watched a lot of How I Met Your Mother; picked mikan with freaking adorable elementary school kids and got very sunburned; bought 3m of steel chain, and superglued a whole packet of cigarettes to a pair of sunglasses. That's where I'm at right now.

So... I'm making plans for November. Aspirations? I don't know. It's kind of a to do list, but more a sort of want to do list. Hosting a -belated- Halloween party! NaNoWriMo! Attending a Japanese tea ceremony with the ladies in my eikaiwa (English conversation group)! Maybe... possibly... asking the person I like on a date. I might not use the word 'date'. I might just go the sneak attack route: 'oh, isn't this nice, that we're hanging out, together, a bit like a date OH MY GOD MARRY ME.' I don't think anyone could say no to that. And I want to clean up my diet a little after what has felt like a lot~ of sugar recently (but it can totally wait until after Disneyland and the Halloween party, right?). I get excited about this kind of thing.

I have a request, guys. An ideas request. I've been thinking about what kind of a month I want November to be, and in short; I don't want to waste it. Set me a challenge? It can be food-related, reading, exercise, social life, Japan-focussed... whatever. Unless it's replying promptly to emails... I can't make any promises when it comes to that (sorry, guys! sorry! really sorry!). And, what are you planning for November?


  1. No my challenge is for you to Wooo your love interest... November is the month for love.. Be Assertive.

  2. Agreed. I vote for love. I drooled on my pants on my second date with my partner. We bought a house together eight months later. So, revision: November is for drooling AND love.

  3. movita beaucoup - that is legitimately the best love story I have ever heard. You have inspired me. If drooling on the person I like doesn't work out... absolutely your fault.

  4. My challenge for you is definitely to go after your little crush!! whoohoo, i wanna hear more about that!

    (and the pictures of you are beautiful!)

  5. It's impressive that you've already decided to make November such an exciting month. I'm still just trying to catch up with October. Perhaps you should continue "feeling that strange, indescribable connection to this land, the earth and sky, my home" you mentioned in a previous post and I will do the same.

  6. a) Develop a November themed walk (perhaps involving kicking dead leaves on the ground? Is it autum in Japan?)
    b) Obviously go for it with the love interest, the saying 'all good things come to those who wait' is rubbish. Good things come to people who take risks and do mad things.
    c) On that note, do something crazy. Not like go-on-a-killing-spree-crazy, more like run through a sprinkler or cycle down a hill without using your brakes xxxxxxxxx


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