cinderella castle.
disney entrance.
no horse-drawn conveyances.
i wanna be where the people are.
i want to decorate my walls like this.
dead of cute.
ariel's palace.
mediterranean harbour, disneysea.
pumpkin patch.
this is halloween.
halloween band.
i heart these people.
i've genuinely never seen a shop this packed.
'mickey' muffins.
'mickey' banana walnut muffins.
'mike' melon pan.

I went to Tokyo Disneyland & Disney Sea!

I may or may not have implied to my school that I needed the day off work on Friday because of my doctor's appointment... the previous day. So worth it.

I may or may not have got a little tear in my eye during the Fantasmic Light Show in the evening. It was when Part of Your World played that I got a little emotional WHATEVER DON'T JUDGE ME.

I may or may not have whipped out my rather over-endowed 300mm zoom lens to creep on the cos-players around the Cinderella castle. In my defence there was a girl in the cutest Rapunzel outfit ever, and all flowers in her hair, and then there were all the princesses you can imagine and even some of the really obscure characters. HELLO PACK OF CARDS UP THERE, YOU ARE MY HEROES.

I may or may not have worn a (very fluffy) pair of Minnie Mouse ears for a period of time approaching 50 hours. If you saw them, you would too. Including the subway ride through Tokyo and at a bar in Roppongi District... although compared to a lot of the people around I was very toned down, as people were out in force for Halloween. There were people dressed as Crayola crayons (if you didn't think this could be a cute outfit, think again), an uncanny Charlie Chaplin (the walk was perfect), one man in a giant banana costume, various superheroes... you name it. Such costume envy.

I may or may not have youtubed the Disney Halloween Parade as soon as I got home last night, all the better to get the music stuck in my head and chronically irritate everyone by singing, 'PARTY ON, PARTY ON, DOWN ON HALLOWEEN STREET!' all day. And yes... the other parade song included a dance. And yes... I learned the dance.

I absolutely don't regret any of the above.

I'm now seriously craving a Disney film marathon... so it's probably just as well I only have two DVDs with me here in Japan or I'd never get any work done. What's your favourite Disney film? And, what are the best costumes you've seen this year?


  1. Those pictures are awesome! I was snow white like 3 times when I was little, my mom made my dress, it was beautiful!

  2. Disney, oh Disney. My favorite Disney movie is Finding Nemo. Disney productions are definitely a solid memory of my childhood, but in retrospect the Disney movies are kind of crazy town... I mean, I don't want to deter anyone from the idea that I love Disney. I'm not trying to hate, but if you really think about it (or research Disney... that's even worse), it brings a different layer to the common, flowery image of Walt Disney.

    Check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rT28Z0xM88

    and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Love Disney like I would love a demented grandmother- with my whole heart, but warily.


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