cookie dough dip.
pretend this never happened.
I'm in love with my tiny purple spoon.
cookie dough dip & fresh fig on brown sugar oatmeal.


-Well, it is a bit.


Well, I kind of did.

I had grand aspirations! I hadn't blogged all week; I was collecting photos and anecdotes and coming up with beautiful breakfast ideas... because for some reason my food-planning-brain just never gets past breakfast. And then - and then last night I was craving cookie dough, and this happened.

Okay, but listen. This isn't just a bowl of joy (although you could describe it that way) (and I did). This is what I imagined up in my head as 'cookie dough dessert houmous'; instead of a base of butter and flour, the bulk of this is made from chickpeas - no, stick with me for a minute - which creates the perfect base for brown sugar and chocolate chips. No, it doesn't taste beany (though I've done a similar thing with cannelini/white beans in the past to make blondies and yes, that tasted beany and no, I don't recommend it. Just eat the full fat version and get over it). Plus, this has the added beauty of being higher in protein, and vegan and gluten-free and kind of healthy!

-er. Healthier. Than... bacon? Or... playing in the road.

I was tweaking the recipe for this earlier when I realised that I am, in fact, hopelessly unoriginal and was undoubtedly subconsciously influenced by Katie's "blondie batter" dip - the recipe for which is practically identical to the one I came up with. Mine has more chocolate chips and a brown sugar emphasis, and I suspect is a little drier? I was aiming for a houmous-y consistency and a cookie dough flavour. I totally used these chocolate cookies (albeit made with soy milk and vegan margarine) as dippers, because I have no shame. And then I was overcome by chocolatey lust and used it to top brown sugar oatmeal, with a sliced fresh fig, and the chocolate chips went all melty and the dip went all gooey and please do this, life is beautiful.

More news later; September's happening over here, and I have a hundred things to say about it. In the meantime... I believe you have some food-processing to do.

Cookie Dough Dip (Dessert Houmous)

200g (1 1/4c.) chickpeas
80g (1/2c.) soft light brown sugar
60ml (1/4c.) soy milk
60ml (1/4c.) smooth peanut butter (or cashew butter I suspect would be awesome, if it existed in this country)
1 tsp vanilla
1/4 tsp bicarbonate of soda (baking soda)
1/4 tsp salt
100g (3.5oz) mini chocolate chips (I used dairyfree)

Put everything other than the chocolate chips in a food processor and blend the shit out of it. Are you filled with joy yet? Keep food-processing until as smooth as possible, cause you don't want lumps of chickpea in your dip... that would be miserable. Once it's completely smooth, stir in the chocolate chips. Serve at room temperature, by which I clearly mean, eat an embarassing amount straight off the spatula and be happy.


  1. I think I just died and went to heaven.

  2. That looks amazing!!! I'm not quite a convert to the whole bean in desserts thing, but I'm willing to give it a go again!

  3. What a good idea to prepare a sweet houmous. I absolutely have to try this!

  4. ok this is so clever and amazing and delicious sounding, what a great way to enjoy two of my favourite things - chickpeas and peanut butter - too awesome!!

  5. I'm posting this as anon, cos it wont let me post as me.... But on the plus side you'll NEVER KNOW it's me (except you'll probably work it out when I accidentally call you Crusty).
    Anyway, what in the name of all that is holy is the fruit on the oatmeal?? Also I baked at least once a day last week and now this week is pretty much shaping up the same, I BLAME YOU!
    All my love,
    Your secret admirer xx

  6. It's a fig, you heathen! Go out and buy some fruit before you get scurvy. Also, keep on baking, it makes me feel better about my life and my choices. I feel like you're compensating for me not having a real oven...

  7. I have literally never seen a fresh fig... except on yoghurt pots! mmmm... yoghurt...xx

  8. I just made this...and it was AMAZING! Made it with SPLENDA® Brown Sugar Blend and chocolate PB2 (http://store.bellplantation.com/Chocolate-PB2-s/1.htm) and I think it may have changed my life. Fo' realz.

    I just discovered your blog, and can't wait to read more. I lived in Tokyo for 13 months, and loved every second of it!

  9. I made this last night and could. not. stop. eating it! I even made some steel cuts oats to to go with it, although out of the bowl is more my style. One question, how do I make the consistency more cookie dough like, similar to how it looks in your photos? Mine came out the consistency of thick brownie batter. Thanks!

  10. Hi China, I'd guess that your pb was oilier than mine? Mine was the smooth organic type, so it was drier than a lot of commercial peanut butter. Maybe leave out the soy milk, or just add it as you need it to get to the consistency you want.
    I'm so glad you liked it though!!~

  11. I'm wondering why there is bicarbonate of soda in this recipe, if it isn't going to be baked?

  12. Anon - it just changes the flavour a little, making it more cookie-dough-ish (it's usually used in recipes with an acidic ingredient -which brown sugar and chocolate count as, though you might not expect it- to neutralise the flavour). No biggie if you leave it out, cause it's not acting as a raising agent :].

  13. Hi, Nice post! Really worthwhile info, Thanks for sharing the information.

  14. I can confirm that cashew butter is awesome in this, though I haven't got peanut butter for comparison. I also made it with stevia rather than sugar and omitted the milk.

    In a separate batch (shh) I also tried hazelnut milk, which I wouldn't recommend.

  15. This looks seriously amazing omg. Unfortunately I can't have peanut butter (or really any nut butter). Do you know if there's anything I could use as a substitute?


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