now I'm here, blinking in the starlight.
now I'm here, suddenly I see.
standing here, it's all so clear
and at last I see the light.
and it's like the fog has lifted.
and at last I see the light...
and it's like the sky is new.
and it's warm and real and bright
and the world has somehow shifted.
all at once, everything looks different
now that I see you.

On a boat with friends this Sunday night, for a festival of some sort - there are festivals practically every other day here, and I rarely if ever know what they're about but tend to wander into them looking enthusiastic and baffled in equal measures. We shared umeshu and sushi and watched the most incredible fireworks, and this song (linked above) seemed appropriate as I was photo-editing later, because... because for a long time I lived in an attic (no exaggeration)? Because for a long time I've dreamed of being right here? Because, now I am.

I'm aware this isn't the kind of post that gets all the boys - if by 'boys' you mean 'comments', which I do - but this is why I'm happy.

So. Why are you happy, right now? And if you're not happy right now, think of some shitty insignificant reason to be happy, and you'll immediately start to feel a little bit happier. This is either the power of positive thinking or else I'm really easy to manipulate...

but still?


  1. Those fireworks look amazing, I love fireworks and festivals (especially when I don't know what's going on!). This blog post has made me happy, because it's reminded me about my current travel dreams, and I can't wait!!

  2. Beautiful! When ever I have those moments, I feel so alive! It's those little moments that really make you love life.

  3. i love this post. & i just adore your blog. :)

    "Because for a long time I've dreamed of being right here? Because, now I am." <--- <3

    the insignificant ones are usually my favorite reasons to be happy. right now... this refreshing jug of ice water and some time by myself.

  4. i love this post. especially after a conversation last night with a friend who struggles to be happy. he finds darkness much easier to navigate.

    lovely photos as always -- as if the universe were giving birth to galaxies. :)

  5. <3 Tangled <3...that's what makes me happy!
    In other news your photographs are beautiful.

    Now I have a question...or more a query/general need for advice...I'm making profiteroles for my brothers 18th...have you got any advice for make choux pastry..I've not made it in soo long I fear a titantic-esque failure on the horizon!


  6. You are all so lovely <3. I loved what you said, Kym; 'as if the universe were giving birth to galaxies' -That's pretty much how it felt to be there.

    Ni; I've only made choux pastry a few of times - the first two times I had no idea what I was doing and they turned out awesome; the most recent time I was armed with a ton of culinary knowledge and they went to SHIT. So~ I'm not super-qualified to give advice, BUT BBC Good Food has never steered me wrong! - http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/1162666/mums-best-profiteroles

  7. Wow! First I thought it was NEW YEAR - did you take the photo in Japan?

  8. Christmas is coming, something that I love in these days are the fireworks because my children enjoy watching them at television or in a festival

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