i capture the castle.
viola, ophelia.
golden ticket.
royal shakespeare company.
theatre lights.

I shot a roll of film in Stratford-upon-Avon last week - you know, Shakespeare's birthplace; home of the Globe theatre and the Royal Shakespeare theatre company and so on - and since a) I'm feeling a little pre-emptively nostalgic for England, since I leave for Japan tomorrow evening, and b) I've been known to celebrate Shakespeare's birthday in the past with paper hats and cupcakes (in my defence, I'm an English student... who likes cake), I thought I'd post these now before I get swallowed up in the rush of flights and job orientation and hello, Tokyo.

I'm blogging from a hotel room right now. That sounds super cool... actually it's just like blogging at home except my mum keeps wandering in and out of the bathroom, naked, soaking wet from her shower and searching for a spare towel.

So, it's exactly like blogging at home, then.

A few other things: I graduated yesterday! Everyone else stood around taking attractive photos and looking mature and grown-up... in my case, the billowy robe went to my head and I swooped around campus pretending to be a wizard. Whatever, I'm leaving the country soon. Possibly the sooner the better, at this rate. 

Finally? I'm totally running out of internet-time. It might be hard for  me to get online in the next week or so... maybe more? Maybe less? The uncertainty's a killer. I'd love it if you left me messages telling me what you're up to and - I don't know - where you're going this weekend - or the best thing you did this week. And if nothing else - wish me luck!


  1. Is that the butterfly farm? I love that place :)
    The Globe looked amazing too.
    Can't believe you're off to Japan now; you'll have to wait a while for your birthday present I'm afraid ha ha!
    On the billowing a la Snape in graduation robes bit, I did the same down Oxford Road...very good fun.
    Have an amazing time in Japan luv!
    Hope you manage to post something somewhere to let us all know how you're getting on.
    Lotsa love & hugs
    Debs xxxx

  2. Congratulations on graduating. Sounds like you've got some real adventures ahead of you. All the best :)I'm living in Barcelona for 6months so this weekend I'm doing some art museums and vegan picnic in the park tomorrow!

  3. The picture of the butterflies on the lemons is just gorgeous. It's like taking a normally ugly thing like trash and making it beautiful.

    Have a wonderful time in Japan and congrats on graduating! I've moving to Germany for a year in one month exactly, so I feel like I should start thinking about packing. But thinking only...there's some sort of thrill to packing at the last minute.

  4. Lovely photos! Everything seems to happen so quickly. You graduate and now you're off to Japan. I haven't been blogging lately, but I hope to make some time next week or so. Hopefully by then you'll be back on the internet.


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