burgess rd.
burgess rd.
millie & chris.

I don't pretend to believe that these pictures will interest anyone other than the people in them, but as last night was our Graduation Ball and I'm incredibly happy with how these (pre-party) photos turned out, I'm making it a post and calling it photography, 'kay?

Besides, with only a week and a half until we leave uni forever, I thought I'd better introduce my housemates - they're all in the top picture, except Helen who was working. The girl with the blonde hair and black dress is Millie; she likes bread (this isn't a bad thing! She just really likes bread...). Helen likes to complain (see previous parentheses). Katie - black hair, white dress - likes to watch entire series of TV shows back-to-back in her room in the space of twenty-four hours (she's a sucker for cliffhangers). Bex - short, dark brown hair - likes to verbally abuse me. James likes to put a variety of different cleaning products in the same spray bottle to create some sort of hybrid master-cleaner... he also likes it when I don't wear a bra. I'm the redhead; I like cantaloupe melon.

That's an understatement. I love cantaloupe melon. I could write songs about cantaloupe melon!

- But I won't.

That is; I will, but I'll try to keep them to myself.

Anyway, I woke up this morning with every inch of my body aching and have dedicated my day thus far to caffeine-consumption and photo-processing, and given the lack of anything more constructive - I'd love you to introduce yourselves! Maybe you like Youtube hair tutorials, or writing lists, or frozen bananas (if you love frozen bananas, we should be friends). And... do you love to be in front of the camera (hellooo, James!) or behind it?


  1. Gorgeous photos! And Congratulations! I love the descriptors of your friends- we all have our unique little characteristics which make us special :)

  2. Ok - these photos could be in a magazine! How funny about all your friends. I love when you get to that point with people, where you can point out eachother's funny quirks and nobody takes offense. It looks like you have that with your friends!

  3. These photos look great! You are really talented! I love that polka dot dress!

  4. Could you all be any more adorable??!! These are great- congrats on graduation =)

    you will rarely see me in front of the camera, it's truly painful for me so I avoid it as much as possible.

  5. I think that is absolutely adorable. I wish I had pictures like these of my friends in college.


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